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1/2 Inch 202 Stainless Steel Plate

1/2 Inch 202 Stainless Steel Plate

The 202 stainless steel plate has the ability to withstand general corrosion similar to the unstable nickel-chromium alloy 304. Long-time heating of 202 stainless steel plates in the temperature range of chromium carbide may affect alloy 321 stainless steel plates and 347 in harsh corrosive media.

Product Details
  1. Mainly used for decorative tubes, industrial tubes, Some of the products of light stretching.

  2. 202 Stainless steel plate is mainly used for high temperature applications, high temperature applications require strong anti-sensitization materials to prevent the lower temperature of the grain between the Corrosion.


  3. 1/2 Inch 202 Stainless Steel Plate

Finish Characteristics

1/2 Inch 202 Stainless Steel Plate    1/2 Inch 202 Stainless Steel Plate

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