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National Day Steel City Six Major Factors Burst, Steel Price To Reverse Attack

Looking ahead to the four quarter, the steel industry will face a more serious macroeconomic environment than in the first three quarters, the impact of the sino-us trade dispute on the real economy will be reflected in the housing market inflection point has emerged, real estate investment decline is expected to accelerate, infrastructure will continue to rebound, but the effect of the October infrastructure recovery is still not obvious.

1, Billet Holiday rebound after the national day can still be period.

2, 2, pay attention to other provinces and cities of Environmental limited production POLICY.

3.3 trillion the infrastructure is full of Anticipation.

4, The sino-us trade war heat decline, the late influence Appears.

5, The national day after the steel social inventory, steel mills Inventory. 6, October downstream demand strength further enhanced.


With the impact of Tangshan's Environmental limited production effect on production gradually show, and other regional limited production policy has been announced the positive, as well as the gradual release of demand, or is expected to rebound in mid-October, late, the overall strength will be relatively limited. (source: Sinosteel)