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Last Month, The Steel Industry PMI Was 52: Stock Growth Accelerated

In the main sub-index, the production index and finished goods inventory index increased significantly, new orders, such as the index is still strong, showing that steel production will remain stronger, but the continued rise in steel prices inhibit the downstream enterprises purchase intention, resulting in a decline in steel mills orders, finished goods inventory Increased. The production index of the steel industry in September was 53.6%, up by 3.6%, and the current production of steel mills remained vigorous, with raw materials procurement and inventories rising.


In September, the purchase price index of steel raw materials rose 1.5% to 63.2% from the previous month, a new year high, rising for two months, reflecting the cost pressure of steel enterprises is still larger. As of September 28, the price of scrap steel in Jiangsu area is 2570 yuan per ton (rmb). The same below), up 280 yuan from the end of last month, Shanxi province, two Coke price per ton of 2420 yuan, more than last month rose 30 yuan; the iron ore price index is 750 yuan per ton, up 10 yuan by month. (source: China Station of economic Pass)