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Environmental Limited Production Policy Even During The Bombing Period Steel Soared Hundred Yuan

The spot market continues to Rise. Different from yesterday, the North-south market steel prices are a small steady rise in the main tone, traders more unified Operation. The deal is a slight change in pace, due to yesterday's volume of goods, advance the market today, but the hot South market slightly cooled, the overall shipment has not reached the level of yesterday, can only be measured by normal. The northern market has a good deal, the market is active, the downstream replenishment of the positive, the merchant plate two times raised the Majority. But the general situation is the normal replenishment of the bank after the festival, speculative funds to enter the situation has not yet appeared.

KIMBERLY PIPE 12- (164).jpg

At present, after the overall market performance beyond the previous market expectations, most of the views before the festival that the October steel or the first to suppress the attitude of the Young. But ushered in a start, is not the whole tone will change, whether it means that the steel city to launch a wave of sustained strong upward market?

For a short period of continuous rise in the market of silver ten, the timing is not too mature. But the big tone of the Silver ten shock is not going to change much at the Moment. But the pace will change a little.