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ASTM A240 Stainless Steel Sheets Plates For Pressure Vessels

ASTM A240 Stainless Steel Sheets Plates For Pressure Vessels

China supplier Shaanxi Huitong Special Steel Co., Ltd , High quality ASTM A240 stainless steel sheet and plate for sale !

Product Details

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  Huitong Special Steel Co., Ltd, has own registered brands - HTONG, professionally market

pressure vessels sheets, plates, coils, and strips. We concentrate all our energies towards

perfect and economic products and supply you reliably service.

  We main produce : standard and nonstandard stainless steel sheet and plate, boiler plate,

wear resistant plate, bulletproof steel armor plate, and other alloy steel plate. 

  The main material including:

 1. 300 series Chromium-Nickel Austenitic stainless steel: 301、304、304L、305、316、316L、


 2. 400 series Ferritic and Martensitic stainless steel: 410、420、430、440C、446、415、421.

 3. Special stainless steels: 630、631、632、840、904L.

  At present, we have been in cooperation with Baosteel、TISCO、ANSTEEL、DAYE SPECIAL STEEL

to sale gathering, from which you have more choices and can do a one-stop purchasing dependent

upon our high quality diversified, specifications full range of products.

Specification of ASTM A240 sheets and plates :

 [ Materials ] 304、 304L、310、310S、316、316L、314 or you can customize.

 [ Types ]  Cold rolled stainless steel sheet and coil、 Hot rolled stainless steel plate、

       Stainless steel marine board、etched stainless steel decoretive sheet.

 [ Sizes ] 1. Plate: thickness 0.3mm - 120mm, board 1000mm*1000mm、 1000mm*2000mm、

          1219mm*2438mm、1219mm*3050mm、1500mm*3000mm、 1500mm*6000mm、 1800mm*6000mm.

        2. Sheet in coil : thickness 0.3 - 10mm, board 1000mm、1219mm、1500mm、1800mm.

        3. Above all sizes we can cut into a new size as your customized.

 [ Surface ] No.1(primal)、 Matte、 2D(passivation)、 2B、 No.4(frosted)、 HL(hairline)、

         8K (mirror)、 Gilded.


 [ Orign ] China : DAYE 、Baolai、ANSTEEL、WISCO 

        Import : American SMC、HAYNES、ATI, German VDM, OUTOKUMPU, Sandvik AB.

 [ Standard ] GB、 ASTM and AISI、 JIS、 DIN

 [ Advantages ]  Close clearance, High precision, Uniform thickness, Level smooth and dense 

             without cracks, Pure steel quality, Stable chemical contents, Slag little 

             and surface quality better.

 [ Certificate ]  Meet clients and related offical standards and supply external materials 

             list with testing report. Such as SGS、 MTC、 DNV、 TUV.

 [ Application ]  Mechanical parts manufacturing, Auto parts, Boiler plate parts,Architectural

             decoration,  Bridge, Steel structure, Solar energy, Metal stamping parts,

             Welded pipes, Electric products and so on.

 [ Delivery time ] In stock : 5 days ; Produce as your requirements : 20-30 days.

 [ Package ]  Wooden box or Wooden pallet

 [ MOQ ]     Smallest production 100 KGS

 [ Sample ]   First one is FREE .

 Related photos is coming !

Note :  ASTM A240-TY304 is equivalent to GB3280-0Cr19nI9

      ASTM A240-TY304L is equivalent to GB3280 - 00cR19Ni10

     The steel shall conform to the requirements as to chemical composition specified.

     The material shall conform to the mechanical properties specified.


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