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Heavy Wall Stainless Steel Tube

Heavy Wall Stainless Steel Tube

inox 316L tubes in heavy wall, 316l stainless steel tubing

Product Details

Heavy Wall Stainless Steel Tube

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316L heavy wall stainless steel tube 


316L stainless steel thick walled tube, which material is 316L stainless steel, 

belongs to Molybdenum stainless steels, which performance better than type 304 and 310 stainless steel. 

At high temperatures, when the concentration of sulfuric acid less than 15% and more than 85%, 

the 316L stainless steels usually should be used widely. 

Besides, with a good corrosion chlorides performance, 

this grade of stainless steel usually is used in marine environment.

Name: thick-walled inox 316l tube, stainless steel tubing wall thickness

OD(out diameter): 6-830mm

Wall Thickness 0.5-55 mm.

Solution Treatment: 1010~11500 ℃

Carbon content: no more than 0.03%

Melting Point: 1375-14500 ℃

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Heat Resistance  ---

When indirectly using under 1600℃ and continuously using under 1700℃, 

the 316L stainless steel has favorable oxidation resistance. 

When heat range 800℃-1575℃, It is best not to use continuously 316L stainless 

steel products. If out of that range, this stainless steel has good heat 

resistance with high strength properties.

Heat Treatment  ---

Annealing temperature range 1850℃ - 2050℃,then quickly cooling.

Please attention, 316L stainless steels can't be hardened through heat treatment.

Welding filler ---

Adopt a standard welding method, can use 316Cb, 316L or 309Cb stainless steel 

fillers or welding rods. In order to achieve the optimal anticorrosion, 316 

materials welding section need to be treated through annealing, but 316L 

materials not need.

heavy wall tube Application  ---

Paper making, heat exchanger, dyeing equipments and conditions, film swilling 

machine, Piping assembly, construction outside materials in low-lying and coastal 


Chemical Component  ---

C≤0.03   Si≤1.00  Mn≤2.00  P≤0.035  S≤0.03  Ni:12.0-15.0   Cr:16.0-18.0


Delivery state --

Annealing with solution treatment

About us 

Shaanxi Huitong Special Steel Co., Ltd, locates Xixian new area of Xi'an City, 

Shaanxi, China, specialized in producing all kinds dimension of seamless 

stainless steel pipe tubing, heavy wall stainless tubing. Also supply stainless 

steel sheet, plate, coil, bar, coil and other alloy steels. We have ten years 

of producing and selling experiences in China and all over the world. 

Shapes: round tube, square pipe, thick wall. 

Materials: 201, 301, 304, 304L, 321, inox 316l, 310S, 2520, and so on.

Standards: ASTM A312/A312M,  ASTM A213/A213M,  ASTM A269/269M

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Heavy wall stainless steel pipe stock list 

                                       ---   2017.3

Remark: nonstandard dimension.


Φ6×1/1.5     Φ60×2/3/4/5/6

Φ8×1/1.5/2     Φ60×8/10/12/16Φ140×4/5/6

Φ10×1/1.5/2     Φ63×4/5     Φ140×/8/10/12/15/20

Φ12×1/1.5/2     Φ63×8/10/12/16/18Φ142×18



Φ18×2/3/4     Φ70×3/8/10/12     Φ152×6/8/10/12/14/20

Φ19×2Φ70×15/18/20                Φ159×3/4/4.5/5/6

Φ20×2/2.5/3/4/5Φ73×3/4/5     Φ159×8/10/12/15/20/30

Φ21×4.5     Φ73×8/10/12/15/20Φ168×3/4/4.5/5/6/7

Φ22×2/2.5/3/4/5/6.5Φ76×2/3/4/5/6     Φ168×8/10/12/16/20



Φ28×3/4/6.5     Φ82×16.5     Φ185×10/18/25



Φ32×8/9/10     Φ89×2/3/4/4.5/5/5.5/6Φ200×14/34


Φ36×4/6     Φ92×8/10/12     Φ205×16/26


Φ40×3/4/5/6/8/10Φ102×4/5/6     Φ219×12/15/20/25/30



Φ45×8/10/12     Φ108×8/10/12/13/15/20Φ250×26


Φ48×8/10/12     Φ114×8/10/12/15/20Φ325×6/8/10/12/16/18

Φ50×12     Φ116×19     Φ377×8/9/10/15


Φ55×8/10     Φ127×8/10/13/16/20Φ426×9/10/12

Φ57×2/3/3.5/4/5/6Φ133×3/4/5/6     Φ508×15